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Overall, I was relatively pleased with my students’ performance on this test.  Much of the test required the students to demonstrate their master of the skills surrounding polynomials.  I have decided to highlight several of the more interesting questions here.  While simple, I found that many students still struggle a bit with portions of the area problem.  My hope was to receive submissions like 1 or 2.  Many students got the area model down but couldn't use it to answer questions.  This doesn’t surprise me as many are still struggling with our Common Core transition to heavily modeling.  We will keep at it and my hope is that they are more confident by the end of the year.  Sometimes repetition is the key. 

I was very pleased with the answers I received on the identity problem.  This was my students’ first introduction to the concept of identities and overall they did really well.  The one place some got stuck was separating identities from equations as seen in 1 and 2.   I plan on continuing to use this vocabulary and asking students to point out identities through the remainder of the year and this should catch those students who are still struggling right now.  

  Unit Exams: Some Interesting Questions
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Polynomial Test

Unit 3: Polynomials
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Objective: Students will be able to show what they know about polynomials.

Big Idea: This summative assessment tests students on their knowledge of performing operations and modeling with polynomials.

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Math, multiplying polynomials, Algebra, polynomial equation, Exponents, factoring, Algebra 2, factoring trinomials, master teacher project, polynomial inequalities, operations with polynomial functions
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