Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines The Tortoise and The Hare Project Day 3 - Section 2: Writing the Story


This story is why I love this lesson so much.  The students have to take the mathematics that they spent the last several days working on and turn it into a coherent, chronological story.  This hits the heart of what we want students to be able to do.  Mathematics in real life is all about sorting through a bunch of information and making sense of the world around them.  I have included several samples to share the range of work that I received.  Story 1 is pretty representative of the lower end.  This student’s took the information from the sheet with little to no attempt at putting it in order or writing a coherent story  My expectation is to receive submissions like Story 2.  A good attempt has been made at putting it in chronological order and there are some basic story elements surrounding the information.  The great thing about projects like this is that some students will go above and beyond.  Here are two submissions that did just that: Story Story 3a, b and Story 4a, b, c, d, and e.  

  Writing Across the Disciplines: The Final Product
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The Tortoise and The Hare Project Day 3

Unit 2: Modeling with Functions
Lesson 14 of 24

Objective: Students will be able to use information presented graphically to create a chronologically accurate story.

Big Idea: Will the tortoise win again? Students will not only find out but write a mathematical story about it.

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Math, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, Algebra, linear functions, Algebra 2, master teacher project, Modeling Functions
  50 minutes
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