Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Creating the Exam, Days 1-3 - Section 2: The Exam


I offered students to choice to create a film or present live for their final exam, and the class was a mix of choices. Some students preferred the safety of revision via the video, whereas others felt they would be able to be more thorough live; plus, as one student shared, a live presentation is more like a job interview and is thus better practice.

Regardless of entry into the assignment the students choose, they will gain valuable experience in presentation of their abilities, a good skill for a variety of futures.

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Creating the Exam, Days 1-3

Unit 7: Final Exam
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT present information in a clear, concise manner by creating a portfolio presentation of their growth in the class.

Big Idea: Tell me what you learned--a presentation of growth.

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English / Language Arts, Presentation Skills, Portfolio, presentation, Exam
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