Reflection: Modeling Officer Buckle and Gloria - Section 3: Writing Activity


Even though I aligned my lesson to the common core standards and my students loved the story, the template blew their minds.  I modeled it several times.  They got frustrated and tried writing sentences across the page.  I had to help some students fold the sections their papers so they understood that each section was for writing in.  Then I remembered that I had given them a template in the past that had the picture boxes the same as this template but had them writing across the paper.  Dumb mistake on my part.  I totally confused them.  Moral of the story is to choose only one template to teach with.  No matter how may times I modeled or folded the paper, I confused them.  My poor kids!

  Modeling: Let me show you
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Officer Buckle and Gloria

Unit 5: More writing
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Objective: SWBAT sequence the story events through conversation and then write a story retell.

Big Idea: With partners we will sequence the story events and then write a story retell using a template.

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