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Reflection: I like to use the term “fancy schmancy” when it comes to rich vocabulary words that the kids may not have heard before. These words are usually fancier ways of saying common, everyday words. For example, gargantuan is a “fancy schmancy” word for big. It’s also much more interesting and sophisticated than just saying big as well. In this case, persuade is a “fancy schmancy” word for convince, inform is a “fancy schmancy” word for teach, and entertain is a “fancy schmancy” word for enjoy. The students always love when I use this term and then they start to use it too when they come across fancier words. The technical term for this is actually Tier 2 words, which we will spend an entire week on in a later unit. 

  "Fancy schmancy" words
  Lesson Planning: "Fancy schmancy" words
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Author's Purpose: Why did they bother writing this?

Unit 3: Author's Purpose Unit
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT name and notice whether the Author's Purpose is to persuade, to inform, or to entertain the reader with books in their browsing box

Big Idea: Introducing the concept of Author's Purpose

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