Reflection: Relevance What's Your Function? - Section 3: Productive Work Time: What's Your Function Performance Task


For this performance task, students work in groups to create different representations of their own function. The topics that groups chose varied greatly, from Eating at School to Profit Made by Business. No matter the topic, all groups were able to model a scenario that was relevant and interesting. 

The more I teach, the more I realize the importance of making rigorous tasks that are also relevant. If I can clearly communicate the relevance and utility of a mathematical concept to students, the better they tend to understand the material and more willing they are to sincerely engage in the work. 

The beauty of the What's Your Function Performance Task, is it allows students to all work on the same set of core skills related to functions (creating and interpreting a function to model a scenario) with the flexibility of allowing students to choose the scenario they want to model.

  Relevance: Performance Tasks to Increase Engagement and Motivation
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What's Your Function?

Unit 1: Thinking Like a Mathematician: Modeling with Functions
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of domain, range and function notation. SWBAT create a function that models a relationship in context.

Big Idea: Students create their own functions to model a situation relevant to their lives in this paired collaborative performance task!

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