Reflection: Checks for Understanding Running and the Domain of Middle Earth: Modeling a Run and a Hobbit's Journey through Piece-wise Functions - Section 1: Entry Ticket


I like to utilize Entry Tickets for two main purposes:

  1. To return to previous material and check student understanding 
  2. To introduce new material in an interesting and engaging way

For this lesson on piecewise functions, I use the Entry Ticket to check student current level of understanding on solving equations. 

From the entry tickets in today's class I was able to come to the following conclusions:

  • the majority of my students were able to solve one step equations involving addition, subtraction, division and multiplication with close to 100% accuracy.
  • about half of the class was able to solve two step equations
  • about a third of the class was able to solve equations with variables on both sides of the equation.
  • only a handful of students were able to solve equations with a variable multiplied by a fraction

This information helps me tailor my instruction. I am planning on dedicating time in future classes to areas identified in this entry ticket for students to work on. 

This quick Entry Ticket is an example of how I use the first few minutes of class to help students return to previously learned material and also utilize the information so that I can adjust my teaching to meet students where they are. 

  Entry Ticket as a Check for Understanding
  Checks for Understanding: Entry Ticket as a Check for Understanding
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Running and the Domain of Middle Earth: Modeling a Run and a Hobbit's Journey through Piece-wise Functions

Unit 3: Everything is Relative: Linear Functions
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT interpret key features (domain,rates of change) of graphs of piece-wise functions; SWBAT model and critique models of everyday situations by creating piece-wise functions.

Big Idea: Students model the many adventures of hobbit Frodo Baggins while exploring the concept of domain AND learning how to graph piece-wise functions!

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Math, Algebra, linear models, modeling, linear functions, piecewise-defined functions, Common Core, master teacher project, Graphing
  90 minutes
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