Reflection: ELL Students What Revisions Will You Make? - Section 4: Students Revise Their Paragraphs


Revising can be a difficult process. Students need much practice with it. Some students need more attention that others. It is important to monitor and keep track of who that is. I took the time to read their paragraphs and so I knew who were the students who were going to need me to work one on one with them.

I chose these students to give them more attention because their paragraphs lacked cohesion. The student in the picture needed me to show him where he could go back into his informational sheet to add to his paragraph. I started the sentence for him and he finished it because that is what he needs.

MyRevisions2 I checked on the writing of this particular student because he has the habit of not finishing his work on time and I wanted to make sure he received the feedback from me to be able to do so. To my surprise the content of his paragraph was pretty good and just needed some simple additions. In meeting with him, I am helping him to finish on time.

This student has been consistent with her content, but today, I was surprised to see the incomplete sentence, the semantic errors and the spelling errors in her revisions. I felt it was necessary to give her the extra support.

WhatSentencesShouldGo? Lastly, this student used receptive sentences and I needed to bring this to his attention. I don't believe he was going to be able to do this on his own. We read the piece together and I asked what he noticed? I asked him what he could take out? I asked if I could cross out the sentences and once he gave me his permission, then I did it. I believe it is important to help the student take as much ownership of the process as possible.

  ELL Students: Working One on One
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What Revisions Will You Make?

Unit 6: Habitats: Exploring the Regions Of Our World
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Objective: SWBAT: Make revisions to the animal paragraphs.

Big Idea: Today, my students will reread their paragraphs with "new eyes" in order to make decisions about which details to keep and which to discard. How will their paragraphs read after their revisions?

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