Reflection: Intervention and Extension Using Research to Fill in Our Details - Section 3: Independent Practice


Before students start partner work, I always try to remember to say, "Before you share out loud with your partner, read over your story in order to ensure your writing sound logical and clear. Make corrections or notes of corrections you will make for your rough draft." If there is anything specific I want them to concentrate on I will ask them to specifically look for that. 

When my lesson is not specifically about a grammar or convention skill, I always have to remember to remind students to check over their work. This should happen every day as they write so that it becomes a habit.  

  I always try to remember grammar and conventions!
  Intervention and Extension: I always try to remember grammar and conventions!
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Using Research to Fill in Our Details

Unit 15: Fiction Unit
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: SWBAT research their historical setting in order to ensure their fiction story is historically accurate.

Big Idea: Make sure they ride in on horses, not cars!

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