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Because one strategy of close reading is to let the students discover and learn on their own, I pretended not to know how fireflies light up.  Instead I let them tell me where they could find out the answer.  In this case it was the computer.  (A caution about doing computer searches with children, or requiring them to do one: Always, ALWAYS, check out the sites first, or already have the computer bookmarked to the site you want.  If you decide to do a ‘Google search’ while your students are present either turn off the projector or press the ‘no show’ button on the Promethean.  This way you do not accidentally or embarrassedly show your students anything that may be deemed as compromising.)

I continued by asking my students what words we should type in the Google search, and as they called out different words, I typed in ‘how do fireflies make light for kids’.  I knew these words would bring me to, (because I checked it the day before).  The on-line Highlights Kid Magazine is another interactive site for children that have short, kid friendly explanations and activities to several science type questions.

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Firefly Facts

Unit 3: Learning New Words and Making Discoveries
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Objective: SWBAT develop questions they have about fireflies and find the answers to their questions after reading an article about fireflies.

Big Idea: Your students will get more out of the lesson when they discover the answers to their own questions.

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