Reflection: High Expectations Answering with Detail - Section 5: Independent Practice


I have taught this unit many times, however, this is the first time I focused my attention on student close reading strategies and using the retell wheel.  What I discovered was that the retell wheel was not as detailed as I wanted it to be to focus my students attention to the text. In retrospect, I would have to say this is poor planning on my part as the teacher.  I learned that it is not only important in close reading assignments to know in advance what the students are reading, it is just as important to pay attention to the activity sheets.  Yes, I used this one before, however, I did not consider that it did not fully meet mine or my students needs for this lesson.

For next year, I will go through the story ahead of time and create text dependent questions based on the key details I read to modify the retell wheel so that it is suited better to this particular text.

  Closer Reading for the Teacher
  High Expectations: Closer Reading for the Teacher
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Answering with Detail

Unit 3: Learning New Words and Making Discoveries
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Objective: SWBAT use close reading strategies to retell texts using key details.

Big Idea: It only makes sense that after learning to read and re-read with a purpose, students will have a better understanding of what they read and be able to answer comprehension questions with more detail.

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