Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines What Is Your Animal Paragraph About? - Section 3: Students Write Paragraphs


How did my students do with their paragraphs?

I feel my students did an excellent job with their first drafts! I was happily surprised by their first sentences. I felt they were original. I didn't hold them to writing about the sound their animal made, and many started their sentences with other questions that made good hooks for their readers.

This student did write the sound her animal makes. I thought it was great of her to spell the sound in capital letters. I didn't model that, and yet she took the risk of being creative. Additionally, I feel she included pertinent information that explained the traits of the animal. In her revision, she will need to add a closing sentence, but overall it is a very good first draft.

The next example, the writer asks, "Who lives in the desert?" Again, good hook. The sentence does need a question mark and an -s added the word live. The paragraph does include some sentences that explain the traits of tarantulas. He incorporates his opinion, which will need to be revised. During the revision process, I will also help this writer combine and vary sentences to reduce the repetition of the starting word They.

What does the paragraph on crabs show? This student does a great job with his beginning sentence. I think it's a creative way to include information about the crab. He also does a good job of explaining its traits. He will need to add a closing sentence.

In writing about an ostrich, I feel this student does an excellent job opening up her paragraph. It asks, "Who lays the largest egg?" I told her that this sentence would make me want to read her paragraph. While she goes on to write some good details, I feel she writes some extraneous details, which she will need to edit during the revision process.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: First Drafts of Animal Paragraph
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What Is Your Animal Paragraph About?

Unit 6: Habitats: Exploring the Regions Of Our World
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Objective: SWBAT: Write an explanatory paragraph that introduces a topic, supplies facts, and provides a concluding statement.

Big Idea: Who lays the largest egg? Who crawls sideways? Who has brilliant blue wings? I am ready and eager to find out. Come along with me and find out!

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