Reflection: Standards Alignment Colossal Fossils - Section 4: Differentiated Independent and Group Practice


When I planned this lesson to meet different student needs, the core of my planning was doing what's necessary to make sure they master the 3rd grade standard of rounding to the closest ten or hundred.  There are many layers around that because it makes it more interesting and many of my students benefit from enrichment, but at the core are the standards and if there's confusion with the core content in a lesson like this, I always back it down to the math standard.  I wanted that to be clear.  I don't teach the additional content at the expense of the math!  Also, while I had different pages for students to work on in this lesson, differentiation does not need different pages/materials, it can be as simple as changing the rigor of questions or varying the content when giving students the same assignment.  

  Planning for Differentiation
  Standards Alignment: Planning for Differentiation
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Colossal Fossils

Unit 7: Rounding
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT read word problems and solve them by rounding to the nearest hundred.

Big Idea: Read about interesting fossils while practicing this important math skill!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, third grade, fossils, integrated science, rounding, word problems
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