Reflection: Checks for Understanding Now you'll remember - Section 2: Sketch and practice


When I told the class they were going to retell the story, there were quite a few panicked faces, so I asked if they wanted to listen to the story again; at least half the class raised their hand, so I read it to them again. I noticed that many were manipulating the props as I reread the book. I was glad to see this because it indicated that the props were indeed helping many remember.

  Rereading the story
  Checks for Understanding: Rereading the story
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Now you'll remember

Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT retell a story after creating a setting mat and practicing with cut outs.

Big Idea: Drawing the setting and acting out a story with character cut outs can help some students remember the key events in a story.

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English / Language Arts, setting, retelling, listening comprehension, learning modalities
  45 minutes
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