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This standard calls for students to "analyze the extent to which a film or live production stays faithful to or departs from the text or script and evaluate the choices made by the director or actors."  At this point in the school year (early), the students are still finding their feet, so to speak, so a lot of the silly observations that they made today were fueled by a lack of reflective thinking (very age-appropriate) and the strange desire to be the one who notices the littlest things.  This is part of being 13, also, but some adults are this way too.  

Have you ever watched a tv show with someone who just has to point out that you can spot the boom mike at the top of the screen?  Or been to the movies with a person who notices that the actor has shorter hair in one scene than in the one just before it?  Well, lots of eighth graders make it their "jobs" to be that guy.  All the time.

The goal that this standard supports is for  students to see film as text, and to consider the director's choices AS WELL AS the author's choices.  Once students really learn to appreciate that every word that an author writes is a conscious decision, they will be able to understand the craft of writing.

  CCSS RL 8.7
  Standards Alignment: CCSS RL 8.7
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The Ransom of Red Chief - Comparing the Film and the Short Story (Pt 2)

Unit 7: Short Stories, Plays, and Elements of Fiction
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT finish their work comparing the short story and the film version of the Ransom of Red Chief

Big Idea: Second day's the charm --

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