Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Character Interaction: How Does Beatty Affect Montag and Mildred - Section 2: Read: News about Clarisse


I was wrong: so much does happen in these pages, at least enough to produce a substantial and meaningful conversation. Most significantly, Clarisse dies. My students can't get over this. Actually, many don't believe that she is really dead. Clarisse's life and reported death became the crux of our conversation today. Those that take her death as truth are angry with Mildred for her callous response. But even within this factions of the class, there are more factions: some believe that it was accident, the result of careless driving, while others believe that she was purposefully run over by car because she is anti-establishment. And others, of course, expect her to return, that Mildred got the story wrong or believes a false rumor. I tried my best not to give any information away, even while they were trying to read my face. A few students decided that she can't be dead because I "would have just told them if that were true." I love that part of the story. They are trying to read me for answers and everyone still has their own theory.

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Character Interaction: How Does Beatty Affect Montag and Mildred

Unit 9: Fahrenheit 451: The Hearth and the Salamander
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text and interact with each other by reading aloud and discussing how Beatty affects Montag and Mildred.

Big Idea: Clarisse Makes Montag Think, But How Does Beatty Affect Him?

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