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Looking at this sample, and a few others, it was pretty obvious to me that the students got this, and determined the difference in the volumes of the two models' volume. The graphic organizer switched things up, and maintained students' interest in the tasks. One thing that I noticed though, is that most students drew the models incorrectly. It did not affect the answers, but that's something I addressed individually with students as I noticed the error. I let them come up with their own conclusion after I mentioned that the model was off; they recognized that they should be careful, but it didn't ultimately affect the outcome of the problem. This was a review, and we hadn't drawn models in a few months. The review went well today.

  Student Feedback: Modeling
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Apartment Building

Unit 4: Test Prep
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine the volume of a given figure and the difference between that and another, while converting measurements.

Big Idea: Determine which student's model has the building with the greatest volume.

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apartment building
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