Reflection: High Expectations Rounding to the Closest Ten Above One Thousand - Section 3: Independent Practice


When students struggle, I talk to them about how productive struggle is at the core of true learning.  I also make it clear that the fact that they are struggling is not a pass to "get off the hook" for thinking critically about the task at hand.  Case in point is the question I ask at the end of this lesson, which is, I think, both tricky and valid.  Regardless of what skill they chose to practice today, they are all responsible for thinking about why this matters in real life.


  Rigor in the Differentiated Classroom
  High Expectations: Rigor in the Differentiated Classroom
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Rounding to the Closest Ten Above One Thousand

Unit 7: Rounding
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT apply the principles of rounding to the closest tens to numbers greater than one thousand.

Big Idea: The principles behind rounding to the closest ten and hundred are EXACTLY the same whether the number is "small" (867) or "large" (123,867).

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