Reflection: Flexibility Tri Tri Triangles - Section 3: Closing and Review


As students were sharing their solutions and models, I asked the class to explain why they were right, or where mistakes occurred.  One student put up a right triangle.  As she was pointing to the angles, she moved the straws and the triangle "moved" to a different place on the board.  

As she reassembled it, someone said, "But now it isn't a right triangle anymore." Wow!  I was reminded by that statement that I didn't cover shapes moving in space.  The triangle was a right triangle, it was just tilted.

This took us into a conversation about shapes moving and rotating, but still being the same.  I asked students to stand and face me and say their names.  Then I asked them to face the opposite wall and say their names.  We talked about the fact they were still the same, even though they moved in space. 

I next moved different attribute blocks around in the air.  I asked the students to draw a right triangle on their whiteboards.  Then I asked them to spin their boards and  draw another one, no matter how the board landed. 

Using the statement by one student launched us into a teachable moment that was very necessary. I was also glad that I keep all of my math tools out, just like books in my class library, so they were ready when I needed them!

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Tri Tri Triangles

Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
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Objective: Students will be able to name the attributes of triangles based on their angles.

Big Idea: Angle description is an abstract idea for students. This lesson gets them moving around and "experiencing" triangles.

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Math, obtuse angle, right angle, Geometry, Measurement and Methods, triangle, angle, Polygon, attributes, sides, acute angles, shapes
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