Reflection: Conjunctions - Day 1 - Section 2: Independent Practice


Some of the conjunctions were unknown to my English language learners. It was important for me to lay the groundwork for future success by giving them practice choosing between two conjunctions. The words ‘unless’ and ‘until’ were new to them. They knew ‘until’ as simply ‘til’ and were surprised to learn the entire word. Whenever I teach a new concept, it is vital that I remember they are English learners when it seems they are not getting it. I have found that it is not a matter of aptitude, but a matter of vocabulary.

  Vocabulary Instruction
  Vocabulary Instruction
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Conjunctions - Day 1

Unit 11: Language
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT determine the correct coordinating or subordinating conjunction that completes a complex sentence.

Big Idea: Students become familiar with conjunctions by viewing a PowerPoint presentation and completing a practice exercise.

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