Reflection: Lesson Planning Rounding to the Hundred's Place - Section 5: Qualitative Notes on Student Progress


Task analysis is at the core of my lesson planning.  If students don't understand something, I break the problem/question/task down into its constituent parts to determine subcomponent is tripping them up.  Sometimes it's one piece, sometimes it's many pieces, but unless I'm aware of all the different parts of a given skill/concept, I can't effectively reteach.  I've learned over the years that there are many places where students experience confusion related to rounding and in planning this lesson I'm addressing two of them:

  • Finding the midpoint between two given numbers (hundreds).
  • Finding the two hundreds closest to the target number (if they are confused, I step them back to counting by ones to reach the closest hundred in either directions). 


This focus on the sub-skills allows me to more effectively eliminate student misunderstandings and teach them all the necessary steps in this process.  Some students may not need the sub-skills, but more often than not they do, at the very least, need an overview.  

  Task Analysis in Lesson Planning
  Lesson Planning: Task Analysis in Lesson Planning
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Rounding to the Hundred's Place

Unit 7: Rounding
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT round to the nearest hundred by evaluating the place value and relationships of numbers.

Big Idea: Students must have a well-developed understanding of place value in order to be able to round to the closest hundred.

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