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My experience in the past has proven to me that when I randomly group or pair the students, they are more likely to be on task and engaged in the activity than when I let the students choose their own partners.  That doesn't mean that I never let them choose, because I do.  I decide which activities are higher priority and make sure that I choose the groups or partners for those activities.  

Choosing the groups or partners does not ensure that all students will be on task, however, I have found that a greater percentage of students will be.  In today's lesson, I did have a couple of boys who are good friends that ended up together in a partnership.  I found that I needed to remind them to be on task quite frequently.  The rest of the students seemed fully engaged in the activity and stayed on task.

  Keeping Students Engaged and on Task
  High Expectations: Keeping Students Engaged and on Task
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My Life-Changing Story -As Told by My Classmate

Unit 6: Ruby Bridges
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of their own life-changing events.

Big Idea: We have compared and contrasted a firsthand account and a secondhand account of the story of Ruby Bridges. In this lesson, it is the students' life-changing stories we will now compose firsthand and secondhand accounts of in order to compare and contrast.

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English / Language Arts, Writing (ELL), Literature, Nonfiction Literature, biography, interview, compare and contrast, personal life changing story, Informational Writing
  85 minutes
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