Reflection: Student Ownership Who Should We Help? - Section 2: Guiding the Learning


Students faced a difficulty with this issue that I had not anticipated. They wanted to take both sides of the issue because they felt such an emotional attachment to the causes that they felt wrong to chose one over the other. While this is how I had hoped they would react, it was an unexpected difficulty that I had to address on the spot in my lesson. I solved it two ways - academically and emotionally. I first told them that the rubric stated that they must take only one position on the issue or they risked their grades being reduced, and second I told them that at the end of the lesson they would have an opportunity to share ideas of how to help both groups of children.

I feel that making the poverty issues of both areas focus on children really made them have a stronger ownership of the lesson and issues. 

  taking both sides of an issue
  Student Ownership: Taking Both Sides of an Issue
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Who Should We Help?

Unit 15: Arguing to make a point!
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT...write a persuasive essay on where we should send our funds after reading articles on children in poverty in Africa and in the United States

Big Idea: We need to evaluate all the facts and opinions before we commit to a cause.

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