Reflection: School/District Initiatives Contemporary Fiction - Section 4: Independent Assignment


I'm not going to lie: the Independent Reading Assignment I use for my first novel assignment is not my favorite.  I much prefer the assignment included with this lesson.  If you were to compare the two side-by-side, you'd notice that they both require the student to do the same amount of work covering the same material.  However, the assignment here is much easier on the eye.

Why then, Julia, do you make your students do an assignment in a format that you're not happy with. Why, you ask?  I'll tell you why.  My district has subscribed whole-heartedly to becoming an AVID demonstration school.  As part of this initiative, we were asked to incorporate the Cornell note taking system as much as possible in our classrooms.

Now, you will notice that my lessons are ripe with examples of Cornell Notes.  I love them.  And, even though I'm not giddy about my Cornell Note reading assignment, I believe it serves a purpose for me and for you, my dedicated reader: Part of being in a school community is "taking one for the team" on occasion.  You can't ever expect anyone to listen to and try your ideas if you don't listen to and try theirs.  

Simply put: They said Cornell, so I did Cornell.  Will I do it again? Maybe not.  Am I glad I tried? Absolutely.

  Your Ideas, Their Framework: Making it Work with District Initiatives
  School/District Initiatives: Your Ideas, Their Framework: Making it Work with District Initiatives
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Contemporary Fiction

Unit 5: Independent Reading
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT produce a clear and coherent explanatory paragraph based on information inferred from a self-selected contemporary fiction novel.

Big Idea: Out with the old; in with the new...setting, that is!

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contemporary fiction
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