Reflection: Self-Talk Readers' Theater Mysteries - Section 2: Application


This was a fun, fun lesson.  We all got into the spirit of it and they were great little inferencers.  I was slightly nervous about having such large groups, but there was no need to worry.  What I discovered is they were interested enough in the scripts to stay on task, and it felt like there was more space in the classroom- fewer "little" groups made a difference.  I was also pleased that grouping them randomly worked out so well.  As mentioned in the narrative, in the past I had tried very hard to match the amount of boy and girl roles with the boys/girls in the class, but learned the lesson that it's not necessary.  Kids often work things out for themselves MUCH better when left alone!

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Readers' Theater Mysteries

Unit 11: Inference Fiesta
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: TSWBAT take note of clues and draw inferences using a reader's theater mystery.

Big Idea: Infer what happened in order to solve the mystery.

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