Reflection: Complex Tasks Letters from Authors - Section 2: Guided Practice


Basically, I try to add challenging vocabulary to help my students learn dollar words in context. Dollar words are just larger words that I use in place of small words. I also explain why we capitalize the first word in the sentence and add a period at the end.  Then I ask the students to repeat the sentence and count the words.  Then we count the words I wrote.  This is a strategy I like to use to help my students keep from forgetting words when they write

  Strategy: Incorporating Vocabulary and Language
  Complex Tasks: Strategy: Incorporating Vocabulary and Language
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Letters from Authors

Unit 14: Opinion Writing and Point of View
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write a convincing opinion piece by stating their opinions, supporting opinions with details, and providing a closing statement.

Big Idea: This lesson really allows readers to show their comprehension of the author's point of view.

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English / Language Arts, point of view
  60 minutes
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