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The exercise of students talking about what was helpful and what was not helpful was very enlightening!!  This is the kind of work I needed to do at the beginning of the year!!  This is also the kind of thing that needed to be recorded for future references.  It is such a nightmare getting students to peer edit.  Lots of times the students who are good at it are overwhelmed and can't get to their own work for the sheer number of peers who want them to edit or the ones who are not so good at it just rush through and mistakes don't get caught.  Because I require everyone to peer edit, it would be super helpful to have recorded these answers on a chart to use during the editing process.  

The chart would have provided students who need extra support a resource from which to pull strategies thereby improving their editing skills and those who don't necessarily need support in editing will still have it if they need it.  Just another thing to take note of and add to my beginning of the year writing instruction!!

  Reflection: Recording Answers
  Adjustments to Practice: Reflection: Recording Answers
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Tell Me About It: Revising and Editing Personal Narratives

Unit 21: Writing Personal Narratives With Patricia Polacco
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT revise and edit their own piece of writing, as well as, revise and edit a partner's writing according to a checklist.

Big Idea: There is nothing more important than proofreading a piece of writing before releasing it to be seen by others.

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