Reflection: High Expectations Revising for Strong Claim, Evidence and Language - Section 2: Revising Essay One


On our first learning reflection, I had a student request that I mark grammar errors in essays directly rather than place dots in the margins to indicate errors on a line. I understand the reasoning--it would be far easier for students to revise if they could just change what I already marked.

The problem, though, is that when errors are directly marked, students don't have to think. No thinking = no learning. The dots may make revision take longer, but they also force students to read through their work and truly think about how the words are put together. In the end, the time will serve them far better than simply correcting what I marked for them.

  Hate the Dots
  High Expectations: Hate the Dots
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Revising for Strong Claim, Evidence and Language

Unit 1: Persuasive Writing
Lesson 5 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to strengthen claim and evidence by revising a previous essay.

Big Idea: A second look: reViewing and revising leads to better content and structure.

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