Reflection: Real World Applications Using Technology to Produce and Publish Ideas about a Dystopian Society - Section 2: Presentations


The projects completed by students met all project guidelines and expectations. In all projects presented in class today, students used a social problem and control factor to create a futuristic society that influenced the thoughts and actions of individuals. From the exposure students had with dystopian societies and the time frame given in class to complete the in-class project, students did a great job with communicating the injustices of their society.

If I could have changed any aspect of this assignment, I would have given students time to research and read various types of dystopian literature to have more options to use in their created society. All in all, I would definitely do this lesson again just a little earlier in the school year.

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  Real World Applications: Presentation Reflection
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Using Technology to Produce and Publish Ideas about a Dystopian Society

Unit 10: Social Justice
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use technology and multimedia to communicate information and ideas in a presentation about their dystopian society.

Big Idea: Using Social Problem and a Controlled Mechanism to Create a Futuristic Society

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