Reflection: Student Ownership Organizing Data (Owl Pellets Day 2) - Section 2: Independent Practice


Many times throughout the year, students work in collaborative groups to develop a classroom culture that honors how we can learn from one another.  For this project, students support each other, but each student creates a personal project.

The students take ownership of their line plots and attend to precision because they each have a unique set of data.  I am careful to provide time for students to share their data with one another because they become very excited and proud of their own findings.  

When students collaborate about something that is unique, they build their ability to communicate more clearly with one another (both as listeners and as speakers).

  Personal projects
  Student Ownership: Personal Projects
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Organizing Data (Owl Pellets Day 2)

Unit 6: Bringing It All Together
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT organize data into a line plot.

Big Idea: This culminating project allows students to dissect owl pellets, collect data about the owl pellets and the bones inside, then graph this data.

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