Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines One of Those Days - Section 3: Closure


A different idea to close out this lesson (that I will probably do next year) is to have students analyze other students’ answers to question 2.  Below are samples of 5 students’ answers. I would present each answer and have students do a quick write with these following guiding questions.

- Who is right?

- Of those students that are correct, who is the most precise? Or who has the best answer?

- Who is wrong?

- Of those students who are incorrect, where did they go wrong? What mistakes do you think they made?


Student 1 Answers – Correct, just not as precise as possible

Student 2 Answers – I would classify this as correct, but not precise and the notation is a little off

Student 3 Answers – Incorrect, student is simplifying the period and then using this as an input to obtain a function value. Student demonstrates great confusion on how to write the general form equations.

Student 4 Answers – Correct, perfect… even better than I wrote my answers (I didn’t simplify the 2pi/28 for the emotional function)

Student 5 Answers –  I would probably classify this as correct as well, but not the best answer


  Writing Across the Disciplines: Right or Wrong?
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One of Those Days

Unit 8: Cyclical Patterns and Periodic Functions
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to model a situation using sinusoidal curves.

Big Idea: A fun biorhythm problem provides students with practice modeling a sine transformation that includes period changes without a shift.

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Math, Trigonometric functions, modeling, PreCalculus, real world application
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