Reflection: Introduction to Evaluating Claim and Evidence - Section 2: Introduction to Evaluating Claim and Evidence


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During my teacher training, I remember what seemed to be endless conversations about how to motivate student learning. Number one: help students see how the skill is relevant to their lives. Well, we teachers are always thinking about the future, so that's our common fall back: you'll need to use this when you attend college, start your career, have kids, etc.

The problem: students aren't usually thinking that far in advance. The future is the upcoming weekend or the next big competition for many of them. I find motivation works better when more current events (such as dress code issues) are the focus. Judging from my students' reactions today, this strategy works for them.

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Introduction to Evaluating Claim and Evidence

Unit 5: Finding and Evaluating Claim and Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 8 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to evaluate a text for quality claim and details by evaluating an excerpt of Thomas Paine's "The Crisis."

Big Idea: Faulty logic? Weak reference? Attack? Students evaluate claim and evidence.

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