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Every school district has a student handbook. All teaches should read it at least once a year. Know the policies as stated, but recognize that what is said isn't always what's practiced. New teachers are wise to include language such as, "school/district policy states ...." This allows teachers to add the policy but also keeps a teacher from committing to rules s/he may not be able to enforce. For example, the district may have a "no zeros" policy or a policy that allows unlimited late work. It's important for teachers to avoid getting "boxed in" by stating rules they can't enforce later. Only when one has "lived" in a school for a while can one really know its culture, and this, too, can change with educational trends and with administrative changes. 

Remember, make no promises, including those about rule enforcement, that you can't keep. 

  Establishing Class Guidelines
  Accountability: Establishing Class Guidelines
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First Impressions: Meeting Students the First Day

Unit 1: In the Beginning: The First Three Days of School
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Objective: SWBAT sense their importance to me when they enter the classroom via the "red carpet."

Big Idea: Students develop community that improves learning when they feel valued by their teachers.

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