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One of the main pieces to teaching analog clocks is to emphasize the difference between a minute hand and hour hand. I share with my students the minute hand is longer because it has to reach through the hour number and point at the minutes that are drawn along the edge of the clock face and the hour hand is shorter because it only has to point at the big numbers. This student discovered that being precise matters because I could not read the time she drew on her clock. Many classrooms are now designed with only digital clocks, and most students are use to only viewing a digital clock due to our technological age. It is very important to have an analog clock in your room for them to practice on and would be even better if you had one hanging up for them to read next to any wall digital clock.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Pertinent discussion
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Review Time; Hour and Half Hour

Unit 12: Understanding Time
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Objective: SWBAT read and write time in hours and half-hours using digital and analog clocks.

Big Idea: What time is it? They can answer this themselves when they have mastered the art of reading a digital and analog clock. This is a review of both and additional practice for my class.

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