Reflection: Student Ownership Narrative: Paying homage to our mothers with a gift of words - Section 2: Student Work Time---Get the creative juices flowing


While more and more students spend time texting and tweeting, they are less inclined to enjoy longer writing assignments.  I've discovered that to pull them in and encourage them as writers, I have to give students lots of opportunities to write in a variety of lengths with choices on topic. Today's assignment is a great way for students to practice a form of Narrative writing and give them choice in their topic. I was surprised today when some students were really hesitant.  I thought that the timing was perfect for this assignment.  Mother's Day is this weekend, students tested this week and this assignment fits perfectly with our unit.  However, in my district, many, many students come from single family home.  Some students felt intimidated by the students who were creating gifts for their mothers.  When I do this assignment in the future, I won't put it right before Mother's Day.  

  Student choice produces great results, but I need to be mindful of timing.
  Student Ownership: Student choice produces great results, but I need to be mindful of timing.
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Narrative: Paying homage to our mothers with a gift of words

Unit 14: Celebrating the Self
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write a narrative focusing on well-chosen details to convey a vivid picture of memories by creating a gift of words for someone special

Big Idea: Does creativity live in a Common Core classroom?

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