Reflection: Checks for Understanding Lesson One: Using Textual Evidence to Find the Science Behind Science Fiction - Section 3: Independent Practice: Selections & Summaries


What a way to develop a lesson from using students' prior knowledge on science fiction to understanding how dystopian literature falls into this category. What my students never realized was that the independent practice led them through the process to teach themselves about dystopian literature, its elements, and impact on future societies. Check out my Talk over highlighting dystopian literature  video to see the strengths and struggles from students with this portion of the lesson. Because students had to rely on their text to bridge any gaps with science fiction elements, the spins that this genre takes with reality can distort students' understanding of what we know to be true today.

  Checks for Understanding: Highlighting Elements in Literature Reflection
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Lesson One: Using Textual Evidence to Find the Science Behind Science Fiction

Unit 10: Social Justice
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT highlight elements in a text to understand and summarize what is said and inferred by dystopian literature.

Big Idea: Pick me Please! I can use opinions from evidences to understand Science Fiction.

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