Reflection: Checks for Understanding Pout Pout Fish - Section 4: Wrap Up


My favorite part of the lesson is the end.  I love to see how proud they are of their efforts and it is also a formative assessment on the standards I taught to.  Did I give adequate instruction for them to engage in the class discussion?  Did I explain the story well enough as I read it so they understood what was happening?  Were they able to sequence the story events?  Did they write complete sentences?  Were their drawings appropriate for the sequencing of events?  Were they able to speak clearly and retell the story?  I am able to assess my teaching and their learning through this writing activity.  If I plan my lessons based on the common core, my students will gain the knowledge they need at this grade level.  Making the checks and balances for both my instruction and their learning keeps all of us on track.  If my students do not understand the story, activity and is unable to complete the assignment, I need to go back and reteach the standard.  I love to save student work quarterly to track their progress.  Parents are always amazed at how much they progress during the year.

  What do you know?
  Checks for Understanding: What do you know?
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Pout Pout Fish

Unit 10: The Ocean
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT engage in a discussion sequencing the story events to write a story retell to orally read to the class.

Big Idea: We will talk about the story events to write sentences in order for an oral retell.

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