Reflection: High Expectations Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Review Day 1 - Section 1: Warm Up and Homework Review


I am constantly trying to improve my student’s ability to explain their thinking in writing.  My warm ups are a regular part of this.  I think today’s warm up is so rich because students not only review how to simplify a rational exponent but also compare the expressions' structure to figure which is the largest.  I had a lot of students that just did the problems and then compared them like Warm Up 1. This did give them a review but they didn’t use many higher level thinking skills.  Many students, like Warm Up 2 and Warm Up 3, gave me some amazing thinking (correct and incorrect) without solving at all.  I also had a few that solved them and justified their reasoning like Warm Up 4.  I think this was the best and most advanced method that I would love to see all my students achieve.  To increase the understanding of the class and hopefully improve future responses,  I picked several particularly exemplary students to share out.  

  High Expectations: The Importance of Structure
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Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Review Day 1

Unit 8: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 13 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to review the objectives covered in this unit.

Big Idea: This lesson will train students HOW to study mathematics as well as help them review.

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Math, exponential growth, Algebra, rational exponents, logarithms, Algebra 2, exponential decay, logarithmic functions, continuous growth, Interest formula, exponential function, master teacher project
  41 minutes
image exponential and logarithmic functions review day
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