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I typically have students work with the same writing partners throughout a writing unit. This way, students can easily share just the focus of today’s work without having to give a history of the piece’s development. Also, students are able to coach their peers better because they’ve worked through the process with them. However, sometimes I see a need to change things up a bit. Because we were working through two different approaches today – both of which are new – I thought it would be helpful if students were paired with others who used a similar process. Not only could they talk through the process itself, but they also could help each other make sense of the work they completed. As always, there are multiple ways to group and partner students while writing. Use the method that works best for your group of students!

  Routines and Procedures: Partnerships
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The Building Action

Unit 13: Writing our Own Fictional Tales
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT select the events that connect their conflict to their resolution in a portion of the plot we call 'the building action.'

Big Idea: Students will choose between two approaches in determining the events that will take their characters from the conflicts in their stories to the resolutions.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, fable, plot line, fairy tales, plot map, Folktales, tall tales, fictional writing, fictional character, plot events, building action
  55 minutes
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