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Of all the reading strategies I employ in my classroom, read-write-share is my favorite. The strategy offers a perfect mix of summary and personal connection (via the comments) to lead to great class discussion about a text.

Over the years, though, I have had students express frustration with the strategy. It takes time, and they want me to "just tell what the text is about." As I explain to them, if I were to simply explain what the text says, they would miss out on an opportunity to sharpen their reading skills. Still, their frustration must be addressed. Where in the past I may have covered a whole page of text in a day, now I focus on just a few paragraphs. Cutting back on the time spent reading (and writing and sharing) prevents some frustration from appearing while still allowing us to practice reading and to have great discussions about the texts and how they connect to our lives today.

  Read-Write-Share Success
  Read-Write-Share Success
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Practice Two Identifying Claim and Evidence

Unit 5: Finding and Evaluating Claim and Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 6 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to identify claim and evidence in a grade-level text by analyzing Paine's "Common Sense" excerpts.

Big Idea: Society and government, dependent in nature and claims.

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English / Language Arts, claim and evidence, analysis
  45 minutes
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