Reflection: Student Feedback How to Live Your Childhood Dreams: Viewing Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" - Section 3: Randy Pausch Tells Us How to Live Our Childhood Dreams: Watching the Last Lecture


When I first started using "The Last Lecture," I purchased the DVD which has a classroom version of the lecture. It's shorter than the embedded video here. This year I couldn't find my DVD; I probably loaned it to someone, and it didn't get returned. 

I worried that the YouTube version would be too long, so I planned to fast-forward through parts of the lecture. The students balked at that idea. They were riveted to the screen and made it very clear to me that they didn't mind the length and wanted to watch all the video, so we did. Had they not been as interested in the lecture, I would have stuck to the original plan. 

The CCSS have speaking and listening as a standard, but in truth teachers would do well to listen to students, too. 

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How to Live Your Childhood Dreams: Viewing Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture"

Unit 14: Endings Leading to New Beginnings: The Last Three Days of School
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will identify and share their childhood dreams and learn how to make dreams come true as they embark on their post-high school adventures.

Big Idea: "The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show us how badly we want something." --Randy Pausch, "The Last Lecture"

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