Reflection: Real World Applications Modeling the Speed of Tsunamis with Square Roots - Section 1: Introduction to Tsunamis


I found it very interesting how many students struggled to use the graph of the function to find the speed of the tsunami at a depth of 2000m.  Many students had a hard time recognizing that a location on the curve represented a modeled depth and speed.  This was a valuable “Aha” moment.  I realize that this is something I need to focus on a bit more as we look at modeled scenarios.  Finding the Domain and Range was helpful to this as it forced students to acknowledge that the scenario wasn't going to go on infinitely.    Finding the range helped the students connect the equation to the graph as they needed to use it to find an exact value of th range.  I really feel that this introduction helped prepare students for the upcoming task.

  Real World Applications: Connecting The Graph To The Context
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Modeling the Speed of Tsunamis with Square Roots

Unit 5: Radical Functions and Equations
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Objective: Students will be able to write find the speed of a tsunami given a square root function.

Big Idea: Students build a plan to determine the time it takes a tsunami to travel.

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