Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Close Reading: Analyzing and Interpreting Poetic Devices in a John Henry Poem - Section 2: Independent Practice: TPCASTT with Poetry


Although I have only used the TPCASTT strategy in my classroom for about 6 months, I LOVE the interaction it requires from students with the text they are reading. Over the course of teaching ELA for 8 years, I always saw the struggles students had with analyzing and interpreting poetry. In the past, I would model the thinking for students which gave them a temporary fix and not a permanent, natural reaction when being asked to respond to poetry on high-stake testing.

Just this year alone, I am starting to give students organizers to develop their thinking around information in a text. While this is the third time TPCASTT is being used in my classroom, check out my reflection on TPCASTT to see its immediate effects on students who are using it for the very first time.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: TPCASTT Reflection
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Close Reading: Analyzing and Interpreting Poetic Devices in a John Henry Poem

Unit 8: Close Reading Strategies: Ways to Interpret & Analyze Literary Texts
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Objective: SWBAT use the characterization of John Henry to analyze the impact of certain words and phrases and use central ideas to express the theme of a text.

Big Idea: John Henry: A man's character is determined by the words and phrases of others.

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