Reflection: Trust and Respect What's the Best Way to Help the Earth? - Section 5: Writing Our Good Copies


I literally started this lesson on the last full day of school.  Everything had gotten in the way that week - field day, awards ceremony etc.  I really wanted to get this lesson in so I could share it with you, though.  Anyway, I had to make an educational decision about editing.  If I done this lesson earlier in the year, we would have gone through the peer editing and editing steps.  However, today, my students were physically and mentally exhausted, and so was I.  They were giving me every last drop of energy they had as it was.  We actually finished our good copies the very last day of school which was a half day.  So after they had finished their good copy I said, "O.K. you can be done now."  I respected the fact that my students had worked so incredibly hard this year.  I also respected my students enough to know when they've reached their limit, and they had!  At least you get the idea of how to do this lesson with your students, and that's what I was going for!

  Respecting My Students
  Trust and Respect: Respecting My Students
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What's the Best Way to Help the Earth?

Unit 19: How Do We Help The Earth?
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write an opinion piece about which 3 ways they think are the most important ways to help the Earth.

Big Idea: Today we will read a text and combine those with the ideas we've already learned in our unit to write an opinion piece about what they think are the three most important ways to take care of the Earth.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Nonfiction (Reading), Reading Comprehension, opinion writing
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