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When things don't work, you have to be willing to change things around. I chose the vocabulary carousel method because students are supposed to move around.  Moving around is supposed to help students learn, right? However, moving around for the sake of moving around isn't the greatest rationale.  And if moving around for the sake of moving around isn't working, then it needs to be scratched. It needs to be changed to something that does help students learn. Sometimes we see that changes need to be made right away, but we can't implement them until the next class.  That's what happened today.

  Making Changes to Instruction
  Flexibility: Making Changes to Instruction
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Serling Vocabulary Carousel

Unit 10: Analyzing Literature with Act 1 of Rod Serling’s “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to clarify the meaning of unfamiliar words by creating a class list, shrinking dictionary definitions, and presenting the definitions to the class.

Big Idea: Students create their own vocabulary list to help understand an author's motivation for writing.

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