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For this portion of the lesson you could do some very fun group work. One idea I had, but did not have time for, was to have them do some Jigsaw work and teaching. I would have divided the class into twelve groups and assigned them each an Olympian to study. Each group will then read about their god or goddess and prepare a poster to present to the class. They would need to focus on how to help the class remember what they are the god or goddess of. The class would then watch presentations and fill in their charts of symbols for the twelve Olympians. 

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My Own Greek Myth

Unit 19: Ancient Greece
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Objective: SWBAT write a greek myth using what they have learned about myths and the gods/ goddesses that they are written about.

Big Idea: This is a fun way to write about what they have learned about Ancient Greece and mythology. Students will get to create their own myth using what they have learned to help create a compelling story.

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