Reflection: Practice One Identifying Claim and Evidence, Day Two of Two - Section 2: Identifying Claim and Evidence Practice


I swear the weekend is like a mental abyss for students; whatever we studied the week before magically disappears when they flee the school on Friday and doesn't easily return Monday morning.

Reviewing previous, applicable lessons is important every day, but especially on Monday. I make sure to thoroughly review what we previously studied through our Do Nows and intentional discussion, and, since it IS Monday after all, I try to make the review fun and/or amusing. Students are extra sleepy and less than happy, so added entertainment will set us up for a better day. A better day sets us up for a better week.

  The Weekend Abyss
  The Weekend Abyss
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Practice One Identifying Claim and Evidence, Day Two of Two

Unit 5: Finding and Evaluating Claim and Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 5 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to identify claim and evidence in a grade-level text by analyzing Patrick Henry's "Speech to the Virginia Convention" in small groups.

Big Idea: War? Peace? Students find claims in a Revolutionary era text.

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English / Language Arts, claim, evidence
  45 minutes
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