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I reminded scholars that they need to create the products that they make school-appropriate.  This can mean whatever you want depending on the culture of your school.  The important thing is that you remind scholars that whatever they make will be sold to other students.  They need to make sure that what they make can go in backpacks and on buses.  Also, if your school has any procedures, etc. regarding carving tools, etc. you want to make sure that you remind students to only bring in school-appropriate tools.  You don't want students to be penalized because they are trying to complete this project.  

It is also a good idea to sit down and meet with an administrator prior to beginning a project like this one so that there are shared expectations regarding the use of space and materials.  

  School appropriate
  Shared Expectations: School appropriate
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Colonial Market: Research

Unit 13: Voices of the Revolution - Part III
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read and analyze text to conduct research about colonial markets.

Big Idea: Let's learn more about the product we chose to make!

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colonial market research
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