Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation The Big Hungry Bear - Section 3: Writing Activity


I have high expectations for every writing activity.  Today's writing was LONG!  To help them get through the writing and not get too bogged down.  I left the writing on the board for my lower students to copy. I did have to highlight a few papers for tracing.  I used the strawberry as a fun motivator for getting the hard part out of the way.  My students for the most part responded positively to getting the writing done so they could color the strawberry and add it to their drawing.  The common core standards are pretty tough.  The expectation is high for my kindergarteners.  I have to think of different motivators for my students.  They can do the work even though it is hard, but I want to make it fun.  I want them to enjoy writing.  They will be writing so much in the upper grades that I want them to understand the writing purpose and not be afraid and disscuraged by it.  I am hoping that our fun writing activities prepare them for future writing expectations.

  We can do it!
  Intrinsic Motivation: We can do it!
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The Big Hungry Bear

Unit 3: Animal Adventures
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT engage in a discussion about story details and write sentences answering the 5 W's of the story.

Big Idea: We will identify the 5 W's of the story during our class discussion and write the sentences for an oral presentation.

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