Reflection: Checks for Understanding Plane Shapes - Section 3: Independent Practice


It is very important to have some type of check for understanding at the end of a lesson. This allows you to catch student errors as they are happening. It is going to be easier to catch the mistakes as they are happening and correct, than to allow a misconception to continue. During my student's independent practice I specifically told them what I wanted them to draw on numbers 1-3 so that I could walk around and check to see if they were drawing the correct images based on the attributes we had discussed. 

  Checks for Understanding: Student Error
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Plane Shapes

Unit 6: Understanding Shapes
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT distinguish the defining attributes of plane shapes.

Big Idea: How many vertices? How many sides? These are important attributes I want my First Graders to identify in plane shapes. This lesson will provide practice in noting these differences and similarities.

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Math, Geometry, shapes, attributes
  40 minutes
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